Mizpah Records Released

After a formal request by KOLO, the City of Reno is now releasing fire safety surveys on the Mizpah Hotel, where 12 people lost their lives in a Halloween night fire.

Records show about seven months before the fire, there were safety deficiencies listed on an advisory survey of the hotel.

The latest record obtained was from March 2006. A fire official has told KOLO he believes that was the last time the hotel was inspected. The March document advises to service fire hoses throughout the building. Under a section called "comments," it says: "ensure proper operation of fire escapes."

Undated, hand-written notes also came with the records. They say bolts securing iron emergency exit framework to the building were coming out. According to the document, that has potential for catastrophic failure under heavy emergency exit load.

KOLO tried contacting one of the Mizpah Hotel's owners to see if the problems were fixed before the fire. He did not call back.