Murder Evidence

A Minden woman, already charged with stealing money from her husband's business is now accused of his murder. His body was found five-months ago dumped in the desert just a few miles from his work place at the Minden -Tahoe Airport.

Evidence shows the murder took place in mid-August. The District Attorney say Bodden was shot two times. The first shot was fired from far away, and hit Bodden in the back of the head. The murderer then shot him again, this time in the side of the head.

For a long time from of Bodden’s the news of his death was hard to hear.
“It was devastating. I couldn’t believe this could happen to such a nice guy, said Mike Wendling”

His wife Karen claims she last saw her husband around the same time the DA believes Bodden was shot.

Getting in trouble with the law is nothing new to Karen Bodden. She's been sitting in jail since September 11th on a charge of grand larceny. She's accused of stealing $30,000 from her husband. The DA says Karen was stealing money before and after Bodden's murder. The DA says all the evidence points to financial gain as the motive for the murder.

Bodden's sister says about three years ago Karen took out a very large life insurance policy on her husband, although as soon as Bodden found out about it he cancelled the policy.

Friends and family may have some closure now that Karen has been charged with her husband's murder, but that doesn't make it any easier.
“Rob helped us through that time when my son was killed out here, that's the last picture I have is him and my son in the cockpit,” said Wendling. Karen is now being held on one-million dollars' cash bail.

In 2004 she was convicted for stealing more than 44-thousand dollars from the Carson-City DMV