Fugitive Arrested

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Barry Brymer was taken into custody just before five this afternoon on an outstanding warrant related to drugs.

Police had been following his girlfriend when she led them to a house on Chapman Place in Golden Valley.

Brymer was holed up inside and didn't come out for three and a half hours.

Neighbors watched as SWAT officers and snipers took position.

Tabitha Harrington, Neighbor, "They got shotguns and loaded up on my patio. Something you don't see all the time. It was scary."

There were dozens of children playing in the parking lot when police swarmed the house. Cozette McGuire grabbed her children and darted inside.

McGuire, Neighbor, "I went to the back of the house where we stayed for hours. There was a sharp shooters on my roof. And police all the way down to Yorkshire."

Eventually, Brymer came out peacefully and was arrested. He was not armed. Police had evacuated several blocks because they believed he had guns.

They say he was there visiting a friend's house and had been parked at the residence for several days.