Feds to Inspect Carson Apartments

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Federal housing officials plan to inspect a low-income Carson City apartment complex after several tenants complained of unhealthy living conditions.

Managers of the Kelbourne Apartments visited a number of tenants last week after receiving a complaint about mold seeping through window sills and walls and growing on furniture at the complex.

Some tenants have complained of sickness from what they said was exposure to toxic mold.

Several tenants receive federal subsidies for rent, causing the complex to meet federal safety guidelines, officials said.

The Rural Housing Authority that disperses federal housing funds to tenants called for an investigation after receiving the complaint.

"They're going to schedule inspections right away," spokesman Kent Lobene said. "We want to make sure the landlord lives up to standards."

Apartment manager Jim Darst said he doesn't think the complex is to blame for tenant complaints of headaches, exhaustion, infections and eye irritation.

"We don't think there's any health risk from what we've seen," he told the Nevada Appeal.

Partner Jim Rafton said they will look into the situation but were unsure what might be done in the future.

The complex is owned by KB Apartments LLC.