Gas Crisis

Nationwide Nevada has the third highest gas prices in the nation behind only California and Hawaii. Statewide, that price is actually down seven cents from last month but prices in the
Reno area are running seven cents higher than a month ago.

While the price at the pump is shrinking everyone's pocketbook, it's especially hard for some local workers. Taxi driver Sammy Moka says the cab driver is a victim to the high gas prices. Next time you hop into a cab, your fare will be the same. The rates are set by law. But the price of doing business is not the same for taxi drivers. The cabbies have to fill up their cars with their own money. This means cab drivers have to work longer to bring home the same paycheck.

"I work sometimes 12-13 hours just to make a living," Taxi driver Baldey Dbaliwa
At sparks florist, delivery trucks are also changing the way they run things. However workers there say the rise in gas prices has actually helped them be more effective during their delivery runs.

"We try to go to 1 area at a time and make sure our van is full so they are not doing a lot of deliveries all around town, running back and forth and wasting gas, says Suzanne Shepherd from Sparks Florist"

Shepherd says the workers who provide flowers to the shop have raised their costs to her a little bit. While she doesn't foresee passing those higher costs on to the customer at this time, eventually the increasing gasoline prices will have a ripple effect throughout the economy.