Neighborhood Casino

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Council members and the Regional Planning Commission want to take a look at the Retrac Master Plan Amendment before making any decision. There's a meeting scheduled for next month.

The property owners either want to build a casino or use the land for mixed use development like residential or retail.

Currently, there are several businesses in the shopping center including Keystone Cue and Cushion which has been in business for 45-years.

Cullen Wishart, Owner, "It's heartbreaking. We'll have to relocate if it's a casino. If it's the other I think we can stay."

Neighboring businesses are excited about the possibility. They say this is a high traffic area being so close to the freeway. One owner sees dollars signs with this tourist destination spot.

Wanida Black, Owner Pierino's Restaurant,"Right now I don't get much foot traffic from over there. This project will increase my revenues. I am excited."

City planners still call it a long shot. They say the developer hasn't even approached them on zoning changes or applied for a special use permit.