Valentine's Day Wedding

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Steve and Eva Epstein are sharing their special wedding day with hundreds of other couples in Washoe County, but that doesn't matter to this couple because Steve Epstein says Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year.

Although Minister Stan Stoll says that's not the only reason couples decide to get married on Valentine's Day. "A lot of times they just want to remember their anniversary easily, it's our busiest day next to new years and people love to get married on the day of love," he says.

That's why marriage licenses applications triple when valentine's day falls on a weekday.

The Washoe County Clerk says as many as 75 to 140 people will apply for a license on Valentines Day.

You might be surprised to find out Valentine's Day is actually the second busiest day to get married.

Workers at the Arch of Reno Wedding Chapel say New Years Eve is the most popular time to get married.