Water Wars

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Before the board, a bill draft request to create and fund a new regional water management agency.

Carson City Senator Mark Amodei made the proposal saying "it's better if we have one agency than four heading up our water interests and conservation."

He recommended a local seven member governing board to make decisions about water resources.

Right now, if the county needed to extract water from rural counties in case of a drought there is no public utility with the authority to do so.

Conservationists say that would just add to the problem.

Heather Singer, County Resident, "That would just hurt our supply. We need to do a better job preserving what we already have and not taking it from other places which would hurt everyone in the long run."

Southern Nevada already has a similar system and officials there say it works.

But, some commissioners had their doubts about the bill request. They made their comments known and will review the matter at next Tuesday's meeting.

At the heart of the matter is cost to existing customers and also growth since the county has all this new development and not enough water rights to go around.