Miraculous End to What Was Thought to be The End

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Every year millions of pounds of trash are taken to the Lockwood landfill.

While that may be no surprise, you may be surprised to learn many times people don't only throw out garbage - they also throw out their unwanted animals.

Tonight I bring you the amazing story of one kitten who was saved in the nick of time.

Meet "Garbo."

He's named "Garbo" because he was found in a pile of garbage at the Lockwood Landfill.

Adrian Beard\Waste Management Mechanic]

"I heard a meowing which really caught me because I don't hear anything with this machinery," says Adrian Beard, a Waste Management mechanic. "It took me 15 minutes to find where the noise was coming from. Sure enough three feet deep in the garbage I dug and found this kitten."

Garbo was immediately taken to a local vets office.

Once he was cleaned up one of Adrian Beard's co-workers volunteered to take him home.

"I don't know how he made it though it. If you sit and think it boggles your mind," says Garbo's owner, Debra cBride.

It might even boggle your mind more to know "Garbo" is one of the lucky ones.

"I've seen kittens and puppies they couldn't have gotten in there. People must of disposed of them and they do it in the most unthinkable ways," says Beard.

By throwing your animal away, he says gives it no chance to survive.

Just to reach the landfill, the garbage is compacted in a truck . . . then dumped out and crushed again and again by the steel teeth of a bulldozer.

"Please don't throw your animal away. There are a lot of people who get hurt," Beard says. "When we do our job and do what we do. Then we discover we have killed or maimed an animal it's heart breaking at our end of it."

He says please remember that one person trash is another's treasure - especially when it's a helpless animal.

If you have animals that you no longer want or know of someone wanting to get rid of their pets . . . drop them off at your local Humane Society or animal shelter.