Local Gas Prices Steady While Nation's Rise

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Nevada gas prices have edged up over the past month, while the national cost has soared - a trend AAA Nevada said on Wednesday could spell bad news for the Silver State.

"In Nevada we've enjoyed a downward trend in gas prices, but drivers should be prepared to dig a little deeper into their wallets in the coming weeks," warned AAA Nevada spokeswoman Lisa Foster.

The AAA survey puts the average cost of a gallon of gas in Nevada at $1.67, up a penny from a month ago.

The state still is 11 cents above the national average of $1.56, but that price has climbed 9 cents in a month to an all-time high for January.

Foster said higher crude oil prices and lower production in California refineries are contributing to the increase along with demand for fuel oil in the frigid northeast.

"California refineries are getting ready to make their annual switch to summer blends, which lowers their production and tends to push prices up," Foster said.

Las Vegas currently has the highest price in the statewide survey at $1.67 a gallon, up 2 cents for the month.

Carson City is up 4 cents at $1.65 and Elko is down 2 cents to $1.64.

Reno and Sparks are unchanged at $1.66 and $1.62, respectively.