Residents Complain After 2 Dogs Become Caught in Traps Near Reno

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A group of residents is seeking a change in regulations after at least two dogs recently became caught in traps near a popular Reno-area park.

The latest such incident around Galena Creek Regional Park just south of Reno occurred on February first, when a steel trap pinched the folds of flesh on a retriever's face and caused the dog to yelp in pain. The dog was freed unharmed.

Residents say the incidents have called into question policies regarding animal trapping near popular recreation areas and growing neighborhoods.

US Forest Service officials have asked the Nevada Department of Wildlife to review its trapping policies to ensure the public's safety.

N-DOW officials say the incidents were linked to the same trapper, who voluntarily removed his traps from the area even though he was found to be properly licensed.

Washoe County officials say they're concerned about the setting of traps near trails and will work with the other agencies to deal with the issue.

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