Innocent Plea to Gun Charge in Missing Wolman Case

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A man suspected in the disappearance of a Nevada woman pleaded innocent Monday to four weapons charges stemming from a confrontation with police here.

Juan Carlos Tellez is scheduled for a March 16-17 trial in Utah District Court on two counts of aggravated assault, possession of a dangerous weapon and carrying a concealed dangerous weapon.

Tellez, arrested Nov. 21 after he allegedly pulled a gun on officers, is under suspicion in the disappearance of Bertha Anguiano, a Carson City video store owner missing since Nov. 10, when she was last seen dropping off one of her sons at school.

Nevada authorities linked Tellez to the woman because they allegedly had an affair. Police said Tellez had gone from Nevada to Salt Lake City, where he has a sister.

A search in Salt Lake of an SUV driven by Tellez found blood on the roof, right rear passenger door and rear compartment.

Court documents said police learned Anguiano was missing "under suspicious circumstances" on Nov. 10 when they found Anguiano's 3-year-old son alone at a Smith's grocery store in Carson County, Nev., with a bloodstain on his clothing. Tests indicated the blood matched his mother's.

The boy told officers that Tellez hit his mother in the head with a wooden object or shovel, wrapped her in a blanket and placed her in the back of a blue truck.

Carson City District Attorney Noel Waters said he couldn't say when he might file charges over Anguiano's disappearance. Waters also said it's unusual for a 3-year-old's testimony to be the focal point of a prosecution, and he's not sure a judge would allow it.