Slow Snow Season Drops Winter Gear Sales

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Customers are streaming into Reno Mountain Sports but the store isn't pulling in near as much money as they normally would be. It's only mid February and they're already in the middle of their end-of-season sale.

Half-price skis and closeout deals on cold weather gear. It sounds like a sale you would see when winter is just about over. Store staff say lack of snow fall and low sales urged the company to start their annual sale a whole week early.

"Normally we move through a lot more skis and boots by this time of year. We have a lot of stock left over, so just dropping prices as low as you can to get rid of that stuff before summer comes and nobody is buying anything," said Derek Dimitri, salesperson.

The store's seen some of the lowest sales in years, even after this weekend's snowfall which wasn't enough to make up for the slow season start.

"Comparing to the last two years, we had pretty big miracle years, sales were huge, especially last year the season went on forever with that big miracle March so it's a huge difference," said Dimitri.

While early discounts means a serious decrease in profits for the sports store, sale shoppers like Sarah Brown of Truckee are happy to reap the benefits.

"I think everything is between 25 and 50 percent off so that's really good. Good time to buy ski stuff. Stock up for next year."

Retailers at Reno Sports say Brown has the right idea. Even if mother nature dumps nonstop snow for the rest of the the winter season, their prices are staying put.

"It's a good year to buy skis. If snow conditions aren't good, buy them and put them in your garage because this is the lowest prices I've seen in a long time."

Winter gear at Reno Mountain Sports will stay at sale prices until it's all sold.