Pilates Problems

Pilates classes are more common now than ever before. Those who swear by the exercise say it gives them a tremendous amount of flexibility. They love to go to classes.

While that's how Ava Sterner feels now, her first experience at another pilates facility was anything but pleasant.
"Copied them, doing everything wrong of course ((and then she asked you to stand on the reformer?) everyone yes, (and then what happened?) And when the carriage went one way and I went the other"

Unfortunately with the popularity of pilates and the money that can be made, Ava's near serious injury experience is not unique says Leslie Bender, owner of PIlates Coach. "Never given an assessment. Never asked if they had any injuries, never evaluated in any form."

Bender says pilates was originally designed to rehabilitate injured soldiers. Dancers used it for the same purpose. Yet, these days some instructors or businesses try to force this exercise into something it is not. "They are moving a warp speed. As a matter of fact they are calling it things like cardio pilates and power pilates. There is no such thing. Pilates was designed for core control and working with deep concentration."

Combine that with no formal instruction, crowded classes, teachers that are not certified and Bender says it's a recipe for serious injury. If that's not bad enough it can also discourage people like Ava from exercising at all.