Concrete Work On I-80 To Be Redone

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The reopening of a portion of Interstate 80 in Sparks will be delayed because of substandard work, state highway officials said.

Nevada Department of Transportation officials are negotiating with the contractor, Frehner Construction Co., on who should pay for the repairs estimated at $1 million.

"There was some substandard concrete that needs to be replaced and will be replaced," said NDOT spokesman Scott Magruder. "If the contractor is at fault, there will be no cost to the taxpayer."

The problem involves a three-quarter mile stretch of westbound lanes between Rock Boulevard and Fourth Street.

Inspectors determined support devices were improperly installed when the concrete for the new freeway lanes was poured.

The new stretch of freeway was scheduled to open later this month, but now that likely won't happen until April, Magruder said.

Darrol Groven, project manager for Frehner Construction, called the situation unfortunate.

"The construction business has got some risks in it," he said

Groven said repair work is already underway and involves replacing some sections of concrete.

He said the problem was detected by a new magnetic imaging process, and added that in the past it probably would have gone unnoticed.