Security Snafu

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With just 20 minutes until her flight, Reno Airport's Executive Director Krys Bart was faced with some rude behavior.

"One of the TSA employees shoved the bin and shoved my things onto the floor. I just commented to him that that was very poor customer service, and it was," said Bart.

The T-S-A worker had no clue who he was dealing with. In his eyes, Bart was just another of the 15,000 or so travelers he sees daily. While most people heading in and out of security lines aren't VIP's, airport officials say it's not uncommon.

"Airport staff go through security literally maybe hundreds of times a day," said Brian Culpin, Airport Authority.

And Bart, who happened to stumble upon a grouchy employee, had a disturbing thought.

"I would hate to think they'd treat our traveling public that way," said Bart.

The question is, how do they treat the public? Well, it depends on who you ask. One traveler recalled a recent experience where he felt TSA employees had their priorities all mixed up.

"As TSA stands for, 'Thousands Standing Around,' they stood there and did nothing for five minutes until I finally got my ticket. Long story short, I don't like airport security. They need to be less constricting to people like us who look like they're not going to be a threat," said Logan Hall of Phoenix Arizona.

Others were a little more forgiving with security staff.

"I've overall actually had a pretty positive experience with the TSA," said Ian Carpenito who travels often for business.

"I think it's like any other job. You have some that are great and some that aren't so great," said flight attendant Pam Fandrich.

Great or not, the TSA member who snubbed the airport boss will probably now provide the best customer service of all.

"This individual did receive a little talking to. The lesson is, you never know who you're working with so let's treat everyone fairly, everyone with dignity," said Bart.

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