Dangerous Neighborhood

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Reno police statistics show there have been 19-hundred calls for service since July of 2005, the last time the Motel Interdiction Team did a sweep of the Lake Mill Lodge.

The most alarming statistics have to do with violent crimes. In the past 18 months, on that block, there have been 58 assault and battery reports, five calls of a person with a gun, and six incidents of shots fired.

Understandably, neighbors are scared for their lives and want to know why police can't clean up the hotel like they did with other downtown properties.

Calvin Harlan, Neighbor, "I watch everywhere I go. It used to be safe. Not anymore. There's so much going on and nothing is being done about it."

The Lake Mill Lodge is not within the boundaries of the downtown Reno tax district. The district was created, in the mid-1990s, by certain properties who voluntarily wanted to tax themselves to get more police services.

Committee members say then and today, owners of the lodge didn't want to pay for that extra service like routine motel sweeps.