Four Students Arrested for Bus Vandalism

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Police arrested four Incline High School students Monday afternoon in connection with the vandalism of eight school buses.

The eleventh grade boys were charged with four counts each, including two felonies and two misdemeanors, for intentionally disabling the buses over the weekend, making it impossible to deliver around 500 kids to school.

The vandals used sharp objects to stab and cut the radiator hoses, causing severe coolant leakage and alerting bus drivers that something was wrong.

"After some repairs were made, it was found that air lines were also cut. At that point, repairs were out of my control," said Washoe School District's Transportation Director John Brooks.

Without running buses, many students in Incline couldn't get to school, especially the younger elementary students who rely on parents for rides, but school officials say they knew right away, high school kids were probably to blame for the damage.

"This was the type of vandalism that to me, was a little more sophisticated in nature. That is concerning. There was some thought put into disabling these buses," said Washoe School District's Superintendent of Operations, Ken Grein.

Although security cameras overlook the yard at the high school where the buses are housed, it was word-of-mouth that gave the vandals away. District officials say the four students bragged to their friends about their failed plan to get school cancelled.

"With the hopes of not having school today. They're children. Let's play with the buses and not have school tomorrow. Well, it didn't work," said Brooks.

Early estimates of destruction caused to the buses is well over five thousand dollars, money the vandals may be forced to pay back as part of their punishment, not to mention mending their reputations after disabling the brakes on buses that transport children.

The male vandals are currently being held at the Jan Evans Juvenile Justice Center in reno. They're not only facing criminal charges, but also disciplinary action from the school district for a crime that kept hundreds of Incline students out of school.

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