Murder Arrest

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In custody, for the murder of Miguel Diaz, is Enrique Banuelos. Police say he was arrested Tuesday on an immigration charge but booked Thursday into the Washoe County jail for murder.

Immigration Custom Enforcement Agents say they developed information Banuelos was in the United States illegally.

Sparks police say when he came down to the station, on his own, for questioning ICE agents put him on an immigration hold.

They say this gave them enough time to interview Banuelos about Diaz' murder. If he wasn't charged, Banuelos would have been deported back to Mexico within 48 hours.

Investigators say he was using an alias by the name of Juan Carranza. That name came up on the license plate of the 1999 Dodge Durango they believe was used in the killing.

The SUV was found, shortly after the murder, on Jessie Way a few blocks from the store. Police say Banuelos abandoned it outside a friend's house. He was traced back to Raleigh Heights, which is near Golden Valley.

Police say he and Diaz were acquaintances. As for a motive, they have ruled out any gang activity, and they would not comment if the crime was drug related because they say they still need to talk to other witnesses.