Humboldt DA Seeks Ault Trial in Detention Center Attack


Three juveniles attacked two matrons in what investigators described as a failed escape attempt.

"I have never been so outraged since I've been the DA," Allison told KWNA radio. "This was a vicious and violent premeditated act."

Allison said it was his intention to seek adult certification status for the ringleader of the group, who had been implicated in a violent act on staff at the juvenile facility once before.

"This kid has no respect for authority, none, zero," he said.

"The juvenile system is intended for rehabilitation, to assist juveniles and their families in improving behavior."

He said the count would determine whether the youth has exhausted the juvenile court's ability to assist.

At least one of the matrons attacked in the melee was treated at the emergency room and released. Allison said she did not receive debilitating injuries but was emotionally traumatized by last Thursday's events.

The juveniles have been charged with battery on a peace officer while in custody and attempted escape.