Standoff Causes Concern for Local Schools

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The standoff situation also impacted some schools in the area, causing concern among parents, and then relief their kids were well taken care of.

One parent at nearby Donner Springs Elementary School says her son wasn't scared during the standoff near his school.

"Actually he did seem really prepared. He was telling me about code yellow and code red and how they are taught if they are out in the halls they have to run into any classroom and lock the doors. That's what he did," said Stephanie Johnson.

Donner Springs was one of three schools impacted by the standoff.

Students at Pine Middle School and Damonte Ranch High School were bussed to the Scolari's supermarket until the situation stabilized, they were then allowed to walk home.

There were seven Donner studetns who live in the apartment complex where the standoff took place. They were held at Donner Springs until their parents could pick them up.