Mother Only Wanted to Hold Her Baby in Kidnapping

A woman charged with kidnapping her 8-month-old baby said she had been using methamphetamine on a daily basis and only wanted to hold her child when she and her husband took her from the child's legal guardian.

In a jailhouse interview, Paula Brooks told the Reno Gazette-Journal she was stunned when she saw an Amber Alert issued Sunday night in the kidnapping of her daughter, Adrianna.

"I thought, is this a joke?" Brooks told the newspaper in a story published Wednesday.

"I was going to call the police when I saw that alert on television but then all of a sudden they were outside," Brooks said. "I am not a bad person. All this drama ... I just wanted to be with my baby and hold her."

Brooks, 29, and her husband, Phillip Brooks, 33, are charged with first-degree kidnapping, burglary and domestic battery.

Phillip Brooks served time in a Kansas prison for manufacturing
methamphetamine and is not the girl's biological father.

They are accused of forcibly taking the baby Sunday night from Sandra Montelongo, Phillip Brooks' mother, who has been caring for the little girl.

The couple was arrested at a trailer home in Panther Valley later that night after a citizen who heard the Amber Alert spotted their vehicle and called deputies.

Brooks said it was a mother's "natural reaction" to grab the baby and take off when family members contended she and her newlywed husband were high on methamphetamine.

Brooks said she and her husband were going to return the baby to
Montelongo's Sun Valley home after a few hours.

"I just wanted to let her know her mommy loves her," said Brooks, a mother of three. Her two sons, ages 9 and 11, are in the custody of a dead husband's mother, she said.

She said she had put her daughter in Montelongo's custody because both she and her husband were using meth and she wanted the baby to be safe.

"That's what a responsible parent does," she said.

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