Governor's Ball

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More than two thousand showed up for the second Governor's Inaugural Ball.

Governor Gibbons had a similar celebration in Las Vegas last Friday.

The first family showed up in style, first lady Dawn Gibbons wearing her much talked about Armani gown.

Gibbons, First Lady, "It was the first one I saw in the store. I loved it and it was bought in the great state of Nevada."

The gown cost 10-thousand dollars. Governor Gibbons said it sparkled as the two kick started the party with the first dance.

Gibbons, Governor, "This is a celebration and a new regime. I am happy to begin this era as Governor."

The guest list was a who's who of Nevada politics. We saw legislators, Supreme Court justices, constitutional officers, and celebrities.

Lawmakers say the night was about play but they couldn't help getting in a little shop talk.

Senator Randolph Townsend, "No one can debate all-day kindergarten is going to be huge issue for us this session."

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Who paid for all the security and other expenses so Mrs. Gibbons could wear a $10,000 dress? Amazing what that $10,000 could have done to ease the suffering of the homeless, or just about any humanitarian effort. How many meals, for how many people, would that $10,000 have provided? It boggles the mind how people in positions such as the governor can spend so lavishly on parties then cut the budget for important projects because there are no funds. Try donating that wasted dress money to a worthy humanitarian program.
Twice the people of Nevada paid for lavish parties where food is served that they couldn't afford. It sickens me.
Avon from Reno