Time for Park Lane's Clock

Even the outside sign here at Park Lane Mall incorporates the clock...but unlike this time piece which hasn't kept time in years...
This four faced clock, one of the few operating in the country has barely missed a tick.
Painted green to give to give it an oxidized copper look it's made primarily of steel and iron.

We know Joseph Mayer built the clock..a famous clockmaker from Seattle his other time pieces are on prominent display in Seattle and considered historic landmarks. The clock was originally located here on North Virginia Street in front of Ginsberg Jewelry, as a matter of fact the owner Harry Ginsberg put it there. If you look closely in historical photos of downtown Reno you can see it. One pictures shows the clock in the 1950s standing in flood waters.

Nearly twenty years later it would be moved here to Park Lane, where owners made it the Malls corner stone...at that time the shopping complex was outdoors. Today the mall is slated for demolition to make way for what? We don't know. What we do know, the current owners of the mall have offered the clock to the CIty of Reno, in hopes city fathers will display is prominently in downtown Reno.
Chris Goode from the City of Reno says, " My understanding is mayor Cashell is planning to talk to the owners of Park Lane Mall later this week to finalize this and if that goes through it is just going to be wonderful." The next location for the clock will be decided by Reno's City Council and the Mayor.

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I think they should put the clock downtown by the Rink on the River...it would make a nice accessory there.
Angela from Reno

The clock should be put with the City Counsel as a reminder of all the sites they have gave aprroval to destroy and ruin Reno's historical past
JOJO from Sparks

Keep the clock Mayor Cashell!! We have to stop destroying old Reno and keep some of the landmarks of the past, please!
Sarah from Sparks

OK folks, yes Reno's government has made some petty foolish decisions regarding landmarks in the city, and I have as many fond memories of Park Lane Mall as anybody, having grown up in the nieghborhood when it was still an outdoor mall. But it is just that, a mall, hardly a Reno landmark, nothing along the lines of say, the Mapes. It would disrespecting places like that to include PLM in a comparison. The clock however is a genuine part of old Reno and should be placed somewhere where people can continue to enjoy it.
Mike from Reno