Amber Alert Update

Sargeant Harry W. Dixon of /washoe County Sheriff's Office says the grandmother in this case was roughed up pretty bad during the abduction. " I believe she had some injuries to the elbow and neck where she was thrown under a desk. And slapped to the floor. (so there was a physical altercation between the grandmother and parents?) Yes."

That incident happened here on east ninth street in Sun Valley. At about five fifteen early Sunday evening...but the Amber Alert wasn't activated approximately five hours later.
Sheriff Mike Haley says his department has to be sure about the abduction before it can issue an alert that includes both law enforement and the lay public. " When you get into the issue of a parent taking a child from a guardian Amber Alert addresses that specifically. And they ask you to do a higher level of questioning and higher level vetting to make sure people are absolutely sure of the circumstances."

The amber alert comes through this system called the emergency alert system or EAS. Stations broadcast the information once received. But last night the Amber Alert came out 30-minutes late...according to the Nevada Broadcasters Association the initial Amber Alert was not coded properly, and had to be resent.

Stations with news departments did not depend upon the EAS soley and got the information through other channels...and ran their own crawls... But even with the mishap...the system did in fact work at the end of the night. A local residents heard the alert and spotted the suspects car and contacted deputies. "We are all working for the very best outcome and in this case the very best outcome occurred." said Haley.

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