For some only a trip to the dentists could be worse than a day spent at the D-M-V.
DMV CustomerChris Wilson comments " I don't like coming to the dmv, I was here yesterday and their system was down I had to come down today."
Joey Audenried had been sitting for more than an hour. " Waiting is Waiting but is seems harder at the DMV for some reason."

To be fair administration has tried to make it easier for customers to at least renew their driver's licenses either on line or with koisks...but if a new federal law is implemented convenience will be a thing of the past.
Ginny Lewis, DMV Director says identifying not efficiency will be the name of the game. " We are looking at bringing back hundreds of thousands of customers back here to get a real id credential. And that transaction is not going to be a fast renewal. "

Lewis says beginning in 2000-eight, those wanting to obtain a driver's license, even to renew must physically come down to the a certified copy of birth certificate, another form of i-d plus another form that proves residence. All part of homeland security...
Luanna Rich, Nevada Bureau Health Statistics says this is not the first time her office has been asked to increase the number of certified birth certificates "Tip of the iceberg really started when there was a change in passport requirements. We've also seen an increase in requirements for certified birth certificates by youth athletic leagues, and universities and schools."

No only has Rich's office seen more activity to the tune of about 15-percent. Lewis says her department will need an additional 60-million dollars in the next four years to extend hours, train personnel, educate the public, and operate a phone room.