Siena Employee Alleges Age Discrimination

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Major changes are underway at the Siena casino, but an employee says it all amounts to forcing older workers out -- something the casino denies.

The Siena announced Monday it is removing several tables from an area known as 'the pit' to make way for a stage and dance floor. The Siena said it is adding an entertainment venue to its gaming area to get more people in the doors.

"We're trying something different in this economy and we're hoping it will be a positive change," Siena Marketing Director Callie Singh said.

"We're gonna call it 'The Pulse' and it's gonna be a cabaret/lounge type of area," Singh said.

Singh said 30 full-time employees who work in the pit are being terminated and asked to re-apply for their positions -- but those positions will have different duties after the changes.

"It won't just be a dealer... It's a dealer, entertainer slash dancer singer cocktail server and floor person," a Siena employee told KOLO.

The employee said she will not re-apply.

"We were told that the uniform is going to be very small and revealing... And we might choose not to wear some small revealing uniform they have in mind... I'm a dealer, not a stripper," she said.

The Siena said no decision has been made on uniforms.

The casino said it is looking to hire "high energy," although not necessarily younger employees. But the dealer who spoke with KOLO disagrees.

"They're giving us the shaft we're old we're not good enough anymore they want younger people," she said.

Singh said the Siena is helping all employees who feel their skills do not fit with the new direction to find positions at other casinos.

The casino will begin featuring live entertainment August 28. The following week the pit area will be reorganized, Singh said.