Students React

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In his State of the Union Address, President Bush talked about the growing economy.

He mentioned economic reforms, and eliminating the federal deficit over the next five years.

That was encouraging news for college senior, George Higgins, who's graduating soon and needs a job.

Higgins "The job market is ours. None of us feel we won't have a job. It may not be what we want to do but unemployment is low in Nevada."

Probably the most divisive topic was the war in Iraq. College Republicans and Democrats differed greatly in their opinion to send more troops to over seas.

Shandra Cipriano, President College Republicans, "We have to finish what we started. No one wants to see us cut and run."

On the other side of the political spectrum, young Democrats don't want to see more casualties to American troops.

Daniel Clark, Student, "More than three thousand troops have died. I'm not OK with another three thousand being killed for this war."

Students were united on the President's energy plan, and his move to increase funding for AIDS.

They say it's an epidemic that they hope to see a cure for in their lifetime.