Meet the Next President?

"Governors have good records in being elected Presidents, because we balance budgets, we deal with health care, with education." Those are the words of Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico, who will be making his first visit as a presidential candidate to Northern Nevada this weeked.

Richardson is the latest democrat who wants your vote for president.
He'll be in Northern Nevada this weekend to convince party members to get behind his campaign.

Reno resident Theresa Navarro is already in line.
" In foreign policy he is number one at the present time. And he is a negotiator."

Besides believing Richardson is a viable candidate for President, Navarro has even more reason to get involved...the Democratic Caucus here in Nevada is just behind Iowa's--January 19th." Don't you understand the next presidential candidate in 2008 they are going to look at Nevada."

in 2008 Nevada will be grouped with New Hampshire and Iowa as some of the first states to gauge just how viable a democratic presidential candidate is...which means most if not all the candidates will be visiting our state this year...Candidate John Edwards has already tested the water in the Silver State and has been positively received.

Washoe Co. Democratic Party Chairman Chris Wicker says presidential candidates serious about getting elected will have to visit Nevada, which is good news for residents here. " For those wanting to see these democrats they will have plenty of opportunity to meet them. For example John Edwards recently had a town hall meeting that was open to everybody."

Wicker says just about every campaign, Hillary, Obama, Biden, have contacted state democrats to find out about public and democratic events they might attend. Debates are in the works.

And then next January democrats across the state will decide their first and second choice for president, it will be make or break time in more ways than one.

" If not enough democrats show up for early caucuses it may not be a very fair reading of where Nevada stands and Nevada may not be an early caucus state again."