All Day Kindergarten

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They watched intently at their homes around Washoe County, as Governor Gibbons spoke.

One teacher, from Virginia Palmer Elementary, was relieved when he said he would keep the program on a pilot basis and evalute it based on its successes or failures at the next session.

Stacey Saulsgiver "I can't argue with that. That's reasonable. He's willing to evaluate the pilot program. If he likes it he'll fund it. If not he'll abandon it."

Parent, Jennifer Norwood, says she's seen a tremendous improvement in her five year-old daughters reading and writing skills.

She just hopes full-time kindergarten sticks around for her three year-old son when he's ready.

Jennifer Norwood "I was worried it wouldn't be around for my son. I want him to have the same experience as my daughter."

Teachers say they've crunched the numbers and presented them to the district.

They say the results will be presented at the next session and they have no doubts they'll receive an A+.

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