Robert Reford Coming To Stump For Harry Reid

Senator Harry Reid
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Actor and director Robert Redford is expected to bring a little Hollywood to Reno on Sunday when he attends a $500-a-head fund-raiser for Sen. Harry Reid.

Reid and Redford have worked together in the past on environmental issues and the actor wants to see the Nevada Democrat hold on to his position as minority whip - the second-highest Democratic position.

"Mr. Redford has great respect for Sen. Reid," said Joyce Deep, Redford's publicist.

The event will be at Rancharrah, the south Reno mansion owned by John Harrah, the son of casino founder Bill Harrah. Some 100 supporters are expected to attend.

With 11 months left before the 2004 general election, Reid has raised $5.1 million - $400,000 less than he raised during his 1998 race, said Megan Jones, political director of Friends for Harry Reid, which is organizing the reception.

State Treasurer Brian Krolicki, a Republican who is exploring the possibility of challenging Reid, said the senator's campaign contributions do not intimidate him.

"Even if you are outgunned financially, (it) doesn't mean it can't be a competitive race," Krolicki said.