Cutting HIgh Heating Bills

Most of us are dreading this month's heating bill. We know it will be higher because of the freezing temperatures. And we want to know what we can do to keep those costs down. We asked Wes Evans a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning professor at Truckee Meadows Community College to look at one older home in the southwest. He closed the flue in the home's chimney. He then checked the door that went out the the garage, he says new doors are insulated and that chould help keep the chill from enterin the house from the garage.

Wade Evans says some heat loss isn't as easy as locating a non insulated door...he says you may have to get on your hands and under your kitchen sink where pipes come in from the outside. " To prevent any kind of infiltration from the outside, and you can almost see the air gaps there that allow air from the outside like today to get in."

Evans says if you're going to insulate an area like this with foam sealant, make sure you use the right sealant:
"They call it Great Stuff it is red and yellow but what you want to do is concentrate of the gaps and cracks. That's what its for this is what it is designed to do. Is to seal that."

Evans checks the attic for more heat loss. In this home there's the bare minimum of insulation. You'd need to invest about seven hundred dollars to keep the heat from escaping,,and again there's those tiny holes where electrical wire is fed throughout the house..those too can be sealed up with foam.

Evans says check your home both inside and out, and consider when it was built. "Go around the house that will tell you a lot. There have been a lot of changes not only with the materials used but the technology that is out there to prevent the infiltration that we see that causes us a lot of higher hearing bills."