Paying for College Tour

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The Sallie Mae fund bus is on a 35-city tour helping you plan for college.
They held a 90-minute workshop and let interested parents and student tour their bus which was filled with important information.

Spokesperson, Lilyan Prado, says the number one reason why students don't go to college is lack of knowledge.

Prado, "The application process is intimidating. They don't know what to do. So we target low income families to help them."

Sallie Mae says there are thousands of scholarships and millions of dollars available each year to help parents and their children.

Also, the House recently passed a bill to cut interest rates on student loans in half. Still, families struggle to make tuition.

Teshone Shenkoru, Parent, "My income is very low and my daughter has so much potential. I need financial aid."

Redet Teshone, Student, "There's a lot of scholarships out there just being wasted. No one is applying and there's a lot of free money out there."

Sallie Mae put out this "Mission Possible" toolkit to help.

Log onto to find out how you and your family can receive one.