Winter Car Thefts

Reno police on Wednesday renewed a warning to residents not to leave their vehicles running unattended to warm up. If you do, it might not be there for long.

At last 20 unattended vehicles left idling in driveways or parked along the street have been stolen in the last 10 days, police said.

With overnight temperatures well below freezing, it may be convenient to turn the vehicle on and go back inside while it warms up and the windows defrost.

But Police Sgt. John Tarter said it's also an open invitation to would-be car thieves.

"Theft of a vehicle can take only a matter of seconds even if avehicle is locked," Tarter said.

Leaving your car running and unattended is like putting a sign on it saying, "Steal me! It's easy," Tarter said.

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