Local Hells Angel Members Outraged by Raid

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Two people were arrested during Wednesday's raid on the Hells Angel's house on Sullivan Lane in Sparks.

We spoke with some club members and got reaction from those who says they are being treated unfairly.

Guinea Colucci, a member, said, "It's a witch hunt. It's a witch hunt," says member Guinea Colucci." That was the feeling among all the Hells Angels members we spoke with, hearing comments such as, "There is no reason why this place should be raided."

The raid happened around 6 a.m. Wednesday and four hours later ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms), Washoe Sheriff deputies, Reno and Sparks police left the scene.

When members arrived back at the clubhouse, they saw a list of the things that were taken by the investigators.

Topping that chart were several items which once filled the rooms of the clubhouse, including clothing, patches, banners, one box of paperwork, and a computer.

"It's trophies. I don't understand," Colucci says.

Trophies that have lined these walls for the past five years - memorbillia that Colucci says cannot be replaced.

"Why not take everything else? Why not take the things off the wall?" he asks.

While the group was walking the halls checking for more missing items, they noticed several doors kicked in and found a mess they say they aren't standing for.

"I'm meeting with my attorneys pretty soon. We want everything back. This stuff belongs to the Hells Angels Motorcycle Cooperation," says Colucci.

According to the search warrant, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives obtained the warrant after three rival gang members in Laughlin were killed last April.