Trucker Crackdown

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Over the past few months, 75 truckers have been inspected and more than half cited for various violations.

Seven drivers and their semis were even taken off the streets for the mandatory thirty four hours.

Police have specially trained officer Tom Mueller to patrol the streets.

They're responding to citizen complaints that truck drivers are going through no truck zones because it's quicker to the freeway and they want to avoid mandatory state safety inspections.

Mueller, Tthey're not paying attention. They want to get their faster. They have deficient equipment. The driver shouldn't be driving. And they're ignorant to the laws."

Citizens say the trucks are also tearing up their streets because the roads were not designed to handle such heavy machinery.

South Reno resident, David White, has been fighting this issue for months.

White, "They shouldn't be in neighborhoods unless they're conducting business. Some of the trucks can't even fit on the streets. And there's schools and apartments where people could get hurt if they had to jump the curb."

Truck drivers don't mind the crackdown. They say it's necessary to keep everyone safe.

Lawayne Odon, Driver, "If we got into an accident the person in the car would most likely die or get hurt. We should just follow our routes. That's the right thing to do."