Raggio Unsure He'll Support Tax Bill for Washoe County Schools

Senate Majority Leader Bill Raggio says he'll introduce legislation to increase real estate sales taxes to help Washoe County schools, but he's not sure he'll support it.

The Washoe County School District is seeking the legislation to help fund new school construction and maintain existing schools.

A 3-percent cap on property tax growth imposed by the 2005 Legislature has limited the school district's ability to pay for such projects.

Superintendent Paul Dugan says its passage would put Washoe
County on par with Clark County and some smaller counties in Nevada
that use property transfer taxes to fund school capital improvement

Raggio, a Reno Republican, says introducing the bill will give school district officials a chance to make their case. But he says that doesn't he'll support it.

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The money for the schools should come from the city's and county's taxing the new developments. Each new development should bankroll the new schools/Fire and Police services instead of burdening the long time residents. Giving $5,000,000 tax breaks to Bass Pro Shops does not help our schools. These new developments, especially housing developments, need to fund the newly needed schools. If they don't our City and County boards should be held accountable. It is due to their poor planning we are in this situation.
Tom from Reno