Middle School Closed

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Last Friday Washoe County School District called an Arctic Alert in anticipation of freezing pipes over the three day weekend.
\Scott Dickens Clayton MIddle School Custodian explains what that means." I am the maintenance custodian for the school. My job during the artic alert is to come in during the weekend and inspect the building for damage, and look for anything like this."

Dickens says Saturday Night And Sunday Morning it was all clear here at Clayton..but Sunday night the principal called and told him there was a problem. A pipe in the ceiling burst...and four inches of water covered one classroom...another classroom, and all the way down to the first floor.

We caught up with Nina Sawyer. A teacher in language arts she was putting dampened books back on the shelf. " Most of the carpet is drying so hopefully we can get back where is needs to be so that we can get back to business as usual." Sawyer says she didn't loose much in her classroom. But many books had to be thrown away...others that remain are water logged with swollen binders and wrinkled pages.

For now the goal is to dry out all carpets and walls before students return to school. Hot air is being pumped into the classrooms and circulated by the fans. The Vice Principal here says she pleasantly surprised by the progress. And the plant facilities adminstrator believes this all could have been worse, if school custodians had not followed the arctic alert.

Dale Sanderson, Plant Faciliites Administrator says, "Certainly want to thank all fo the custodians, dedicated folks who came in on a three day week. I don't know why these events always seem to happen on three day weekends."