Burst pipes Broken houses

Sparks resident Stan LeGaux says he left his home Saturday afernoon at about one..then he returned home five hours later to the surprise of his life." I opened the door and saw a six foot wall of water coming down from the ceiling."

After Stan turned off the water...and cleanup crews came in...the real damage began...tearing out ceilings, carpets, walls...
" Its tough, its tough, to figure out what you own, you collect a lot of things over your lifetime."

Stan estimates at least 80-thousand dollars in damage...but he's luckier than his next door neighbor..a rental that's been sitting idle...pipes burst here and the entire ceiling caved in before the owner arrived to turn off the water and assess the damage...

And it seems no one is immune...here at the Emaculate Conception Catholic Church in Sparks. The fire sprinkler system broke on Saturday afternoon near the stained glass windows...Father Kings says about three inches of water collected at the center alter...and he had two baptisms to perform.
"The Church got a baptism itself." Father King says mass on Saturday evening had to be performed in the lobby...parishioners he says have been very tolerant of the fans that have been blowing for more than 48-hours.

For companies like Servpro who specialize in this work...business is literally busting at the seams.
Travis Conklin says his company has been busy all weekend long responding to water damage calls...its meant a bigger investiment on the company's part. ": We have a large supply..but we went through those supplies and we've had to purchase an additional 15-thousand in equiptment which were in the middle of going through that also."