Truckee Considers Banning Ground-Floor Offices in Downtown

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Offices of real estate agents, lawyers and other professionals would be banned on the ground floor of some downtown Truckee buildings under a proposal being considered by town officials to boost tourism.

The plan recommended last week by the Sierra town's planning commission would restrict the ground floor of such Commercial Row
buildings to bars, restaurants and retail businesses.

Planning commissioner Bob Johnston says staffers' survey of about 20 Western mountain towns demonstrates the need for such an ordinance to maintain the vitality of the historic downtown.

Tourist Phil Haught of Jacksonville, Florida, says the ordinance makes sense because it's retail businesses and restaurants that attract people.

Representatives of Truckee Realty disagreed, saying their ground-floor office contributes to a healthy mix in the downtown.

The proposal would affect only a portion of the downtown. The town council will discuss the proposed ban in coming months.

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