Fallon Accident

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FALLON (AP) - A car driven by an 88-year-old man narrowly missed
hitting a pedestrian before slamming through the front window of a
Fallon convenience store.
Witnesses say 30-year-old Joey Rodrigues was on his way into
Winner's Corner on West Williams Avenue when the car missed him by
only inches yesterday afternoon.
No injuries were reported to anyone.
According to witnesses, the car was headed through the parking
lot when it crashed through the window, and the driver still pushed
on the accelerator after the car stopped inside the store.
Witnesses say the unidentified driver eventually got out of the
car to buy cigarettes in the store.
Police say the driver had intended to apply the brake but
accidentally hit the accelerator.
Officers say there was no willful intent on his part and no
charges are pending at this time.

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