Rogers quits as chancellor of Nevada System of Higher Education

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Jim Rogers, chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education, resigned Sunday after a battle for control of the system's Board of Regents.

Rogers resigned in a two-word letter to the board, according to chair Bret Whipple. The letter read, quote, "I quit."

Whipple says he's extraordinarily saddened by the turn of events.

Whipple and regent James Dean Leavitt called on Rogers to quit on Friday after Rogers sent a scathing letter to Whipple demanding that Leavitt not be elected chair or vice-chair of the board in June.

Whipple said he found the letter "unacceptable" and said Rogers should retract his stance or resign.

Rogers could not immediately be reached for comment. In Rogers' letter, he criticized Leavitt's, quote, "lust for power."

A series of clashes between Leavitt and Rogers came to a head last week with Rogers' appointment on Monday of former congressional candidate Tessa Hafen as head of government relations with the University of Nevada Health Sciences Center.

Leavitt voiced concerns about whether Hafen was qualified for the post.

The board will hold a meeting on Friday to pick an interim chancellor.

The system runs Nevada's public schools such as the University of Nevada schools in Reno and Las Vegas.

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