California Citrus in Peril

Many of the fresh fruits we eat here in Northern Nevada come from California, where the freezing cold temperatures are causing major concern for citrus farmers right now.
To help combat the cold, they're lighting fires in their orchards.
They hope the heat will keep the air a little warmer, and hopefully prevent significant freeze damage.
Freezing temperatures -- for even a couple of hours -- could RUIN the fruit.
What happens there is important to us HERE... because *IF* those oranges, lemons, limes, and other citrus fruit freeze... WE may be paying more for those items at the grocery store later this year.
California's secretary of food and Agriculture A. G. Kawamura explalins the situation this way, "These are the kind of experiences where sometimes nature comes along, and throws you for a loop, and there's not a whole lot you can do but stand by and watch. In the mean time, you pick up and do what you can do humanly. Get this product that can be shipped, get them in the box and still have it on your dinner table or in your chain store to buy it. A lot of times we take that for granted."
The citrus industry estimates the current value of the state's fruit... at about $960-million dollars.