Heroin Deaths

The first call went out at four in the morning here on Moran street, where police say a resident apparently died from the an overdose of heroin.

Less than two hours later Reno police are called here to Cleveland Avenue near UNR for another apparent heroin overdose, the patient here was taken to a local hospital where he survived...

Then at about 11-30 the same morning law enforcement was called to this trailer park on 4th street, where they found a dead resident another possible heroin overdose.
Lt. Jon Catalano from the Reno Police Department says their investigation continues. " Based on the over dose case where the person survived it goes look like there are any affects other than too much of a narcotic analgesic which is what heroin is."

Lieutenant Catalano says preliminary investigations do not show the heroin was laced with anything lethal. But final autopsy results will need to confirm that. Instead after interviews police believe the heroin may be more potent than usual with drug abusers giving themselves what they think is normal...but instead more powerful and perhaps a more lethal dose.

Former Heroin user Diane Brokaw can still talk about what effect the drug had on her. " It just a comfort thing, you know they call it comfortably numb." Brokaw says she was a heroin addict for five years from age 12-to-17. More drugs followed as did arrests and prison time. To this day she says heroin was the most seductive of all the drugs she's tried......wondering what it is cut with or not was none of her concern. " You don't think of the gangers if someone put battery acid in it you don't think about it you wonder can I ger a rush, can I get high."