Suspect Caught In Missing Carson Mother Case

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We were the first to tell you about the arrest of Juan Tellez, the man police wanted for questioning in connection to the disappearance of Bertha Anguiano. Tonight he is in jail in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Tonight we have the latest on his capture and the investigation.

Local deputies were hoping they would find the missing Carson City mother once they found her lover, Juan Tellez. But authorities say tonight, Tellez is not talking.

The first jailhouse photo of 36-year-old Juan Tellez - facing charges of resisting an officer with a deadly weapon, and carrying a concealed weapon.

Utah Highway Patrol officers first spotted Tellez' blue GMC in an apartment complex yesterday morning. They alerted Carson City deputies and, when both agencies moved in this morning, Tellez refused to surrender.

"They tried to take him into custody and he pulled a firearm," says Det. Kevin Joiner of the Salt Lake City Police.

It's believed a Carson City deputy then fired several shots. No one was hit . . . but Tellez suffered some bruises when he was hit by a police cruiser during the arrest.

Says wtiness Kim Millard: "I was sleeping when I heard yelling - then I heard gun shots . . . three or four of them. I saw a guy on the ground and cops surrounding him."

Deputies spent the evening questioning Tellez about 33-year-old Bertha Anguiano. Deputies say she was last seen November 10th, talking to a man matching Tellez' description.

"We don't know if she left as a willing participant or was abducted, the search and rescue efforts are continuing," says Carson Sheriff Ken Furlong.

Anguiano's 3 year old son was found alone that same day, in the parking lot of the Smith's grocery store. The boy is now with his father Filiberto Anguiano..he says he's happy Tellez is in custody, and hoping that will shed some light on his wife's whereabouts.

Joaquin Barcelo was also arrested along with Tellez this morning. He is in police custody for trying to leave the scene. Investigators are looking into both mens' immigration status.

Investigators are now looking at the GMC truck Tellez was driving, trying to find forensic clues that might lead to Bertha Anguiano.

They say they still consider this a missing persons case, not a homicide.

Hopefully today's arrest leads to some more information.