Reno Approves Animal Restrictions

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Anybody who wants to keep more than three dogs and seven cats in their home would have to get a permit under a measure that received initial approval on Wednesday from the Reno City Council.

The proposed rules, which also spell out a procedure for getting a permit to exceed the cats-and-dogs limit, are scheduled to return for final approval at the council's meeting Dec. 3.

It may be changed since Councilwoman Sharon Zadra questions a requirement in the proposal for people who want a permit for more than three dogs to build a kennel if the animals are generally kept indoors.

She also wonders how city staff arrived at a maximum of seven cats and not a smaller number.

The city now limits the number of dogs and cats that can be kept in a Reno home at three of each, not counting puppies younger than 4 months and kittens younger than 3 months.