Break Free Live Free

\Kelly Blinko producer of Break Free Live Free says in her background research she interviewed local students about what what they knew about meth. "Wow if everyone is talking about this being so bad, it must be really good, we actually had kids tell us that and that scared me."

The end product Blinko says is a presentation on the dangers of meth that speaks to kids in their own language. "They wanted it graphic, they didn't want us to be condescending to them, give us the information we need to know tell us what we need to know, and give us an example."

Blinko says the message is bolstered by production graphics and music some of which were done locally ..the animations were designed by local R-T-I students who wanted to be part of the project.

Jonathan Reyes a 3-D Design Graphic Studen says he hasn't seen the finished product yet, but was happy to be part of the project. "I thought it wa a good causes and I like doing things for good causes. Overall I think it was a great project."

Reyes is one of the students who worked behind the camera..creating a visual message he hopes his peers will latch on to...but there are students who agreed to go in front of the camera as well. In what Blinko says is one of the most compelling portions of Break Free Live Free local kids talk about their personal experiences with meth...some intimate others ignorant. One local student had this message for peers who may know someone addicted to meth. ": From experience you should be there for that person but there is only so much they can do they have to want the help. "

Break Free, Live Free will air in all Washoe County Middle and HIgh Schoos on January 22.