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It has become Nevada's most serious drug problem, and it's getting worse.

Methamphetamine use is fueling our crime rate, tearing apart thousands of families, and in one way or another, is effecting all of us.

Producers of the documentary have set up a website at Crystal they have live blogs where conselors are standing by answering questions and directing internet users to local resources.

The intent is to treat as many people as they can through the course of the evening. The program is being paid for by Secret Witness.

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I think that we should do all we can do to help each other. when something like meth or crack effect our children or people it is a desaster after all our children is the future of America if we don't do something now it will be to late for the future of America and we should learn a lesson what goes around comes around america have been having a drug problem for years with the black americans and no one tried to help and now it is all the youth and people doing major drugs, this is truly a mess that need all of us to straighten out.
Yvonne from Reno

How does an "ex" addict get in on the program where you go and talk to kids/other addicts?
Chris from Stagecoach

Drug users have had access for some 30 years of "Just say NO" and I guess we as a society should know how much that worked. I am in favor of NO chances. NO first, second, third, fourth offense on this drug before going to a tent city in the middle of BLM land with razor wire. Have them sleep on cots in a tent and grow their own food. Our military personnel have it worse than drug users!! Either the law start treating these boo hoo poor me drug users as they should be or I guarantee this will get so much worse in the near future today's problem with the drug addict meth boo hoo poor me users will quadruple. And guess what? They will be stealing from all of us for their drug. They can PAY FOR THEIR OWN DRUG TREATMENT! NO Medicaid, NO Social Security since one is not to be a drug addict to qualify! Leave the money to those who deserve it and have earned it. I have installed a burglar alarm on my home because I have been through three burglaries to meth users and sellers. They are very dangerous people! The last burlgary I caught them myself because I have had it with these people. That was in 1989!!! This is 2007 and society is just now getting scared. Yes, I am very frustrated because I know what I went through on being burglarized. I am disabled because of these low life nothing waste of life. I personally owe them nothing and hopefully this state is not planning on raising taxes so we as taxpayers can pay for the drug addict boo hoo poor me rehabilitation. I know if I needed rehab, guess who is paying for it. "Don't realize it" is the boo hoo meth addict on tv now. Well I guess I need to watch this program and watch her little tears and trying to get all of us to feel sorry for her.
Nanci from Gardnerville

Very good!!! I take care of youth and most have been affected by meth one way or another - victimless crime, bull. How do I go about obtaining a copy of the program. I would like to show it to my kids. I am the superintendent at Lassen County Juvenile Hall and could show this on and off throughout the year (and years to come). Good Job
Joe from Janesville

Informing the public about the dangers of meth is extremely important. However, the program you aired tonight was so poorly done it was difficult to get much information from it. The sound quality was terrible. Did anyone watch or review the program before it was aired??? Shame on KOLO for promoting a program that was so poorly made.

I think it is awesome that all the Reno stations aired this program for free. I am a recovering meth addict. I will have 18 months clean on January 11th. Do you know who I would contact to get more involved with thell Nevada's youth about the evils of meth addiction?
Marty from Stagecoach

I watched this show as my daughter has had various friends that have been addicted to meth, some are clean and some in rehab and some lost in the shuffle. I think that this documentary was okay but I think it would have made more of an impact if the real down and dirty was shown. You can talk until you are blue in the face but that doesn't impress people. As parents, we talk, but the teens do not always listen. We need to show actual footage of arrests in the crack houses, crack babies etc. That is the reality.
Nancy from Minden

I just wanted to say that the show tonight was really good. My husband and me watched it with my 13 yr old so she could see what could be going on in her school. Plus to understand what happened to me.I have been clean from meth for 3 yrs now thanks to my best friend who came and rescued me and took me into her home and got me back on the right track and got my family back. Now i am married,have a wonderful life and my kids back in my life
Karry from Reno

I congratulate your news station for airing this story.I live in Alberta, Canada but found out about this from my partner how is in Reno right now.All of this is a great start but I'm sad that we always have to wait until we are in an epedemic before the story or issue becomes important enough to tell. As someone with a past strongly tied to the street life and also as someone who now works with high risk youth (prostitution and drug abuse)I worry deeply that we as a society don't take these things affect us until it actually touches our OWN kids,our OWN friends,our OWN lives in some way. The experts were warning us this meth problem was going to become an epedemic but none listened. Now that it's reached it's tentacles in to suburbia and grabed our "good kids" we're listening now aren't we? So the question is what are we prepared to do to educate this next up and coming generation? People in the "helping" industry always say we need for beds to adress the problem. WE NEED TREATMENT BEDS they say....yes that is true everywhere. We need treatment dollars and an ongoing committment to help the people who are already addicted and affected. However we are missing the boat if we stop there. We need to get into the school system to educate our young kids. Years ago we went in to schools at the grade 7 level and up to do prevention talks on prostitution. We now know that we must get in at a grade 4 level and educate our BOYS so they won't become the next generation of "johns" and abusers. If it's at a grade 4 level for sexual behavior what do we think an appropriate age would be for Crystal Meth use and it's outcomes of "only once"??? What I have learnt in my journey is that no change will occur in these areas until opinions are changed about society's so called rejects. In order to change those opinions people have to first care. They don't care until they are personally affected. Are you going to wait until this drug takes someone you care about? With what I've experienced and seen with meth I wouldn't take the chance.
Holly from Edmonton

I know there are inherant problems in planning when to air a program, but to air it on a school activity night (basketball) was a mistake. Across Northern Nevada and I assume the state Tuesday and Friday night are basketball nights during the winter.
Fred from Sparks

I watched the show to become more educated on this horrible addiction in order to be able to help educate my grandchildren. I was extremely dissppointed in the content of this broadcast. It was very "sugar-coated" and the only persons interviewed who had the addiction looked happy and healthy because they "pulled through" this horror. There was nothing to show parents and kids what meth actually does to the body, mind and loved ones. I have a friend who had a friend who went thru this addiction and the drug had actually eaten a hole in the heart. His lungs were drained as part of the treatment and the fluid they pulled out actually re-crystalized in the bottle. Smoking the drug ate thru the sinus cavities. I have seen on other shows where the babies and children of the drug users are dirty, sick and dying or have been killed by the drug users. The program, "Crystal Darkness" did not even touch on the horrific outcome of this awful addiction, it only showed healthy looking people who said "this is bad." Just telling kids and parents that "this is bad" does not hit home. It does not show the real thing. I am very upset about the fact that this show will give the message to kids that "it is ok to try this, look at me! I did it and I'm ok." Bad message!!!
Phyllis from Reno

I'd like to download the show and save it on my computer. Can you set it up on your website to allow a download? If you can't do it, is there another website where I can download it?
Donna from Reno

I watched it with my kids, ages 8 & 11. I thought it was very powerful, but I would have liked to have seen more about the actual physical effects it has on users - not just the "meth mouth", but also the sores that can develop, what it does to your skin, hair, etc. Also I was disappointed that it didn't talk more about the signs of usage, and what young people can do to avoid starting (beyond the usual talks of "Don't do drugs...") Do you know if there will be a follow-up?
Bandi from Carson

I thought the show was very informative. We had a family night that included my kids their friends and some uncles as well as myself and my husband to watch the program. Meth has touched our lives and I wish the show would have portrayed more about the signs to look for. I battled several years with my brother and my son both on Meth and I had no idea. I thought it was something else. Time after time calling the police and my son and brother both losing jobs being homeless and finally my son came home at 130 pounds and is now clean from Meth for over a year and a half. His girlfriends mother and her boyfriend are homeless. they go from motel to motel and skip out. They go to the payday loan places and forge checks, pick up receipts in the parking lots, return merchandise and then sell the gift cards. These are some of the things I thought would be on the show. I would find in their bedrooms propane cylindars and glass test tubes from candy that they melt and use as a pipe . I have learned SO much over the last few years. My son would scream and yell and go beserk. I had no idea at first that it was meth. It is a terrible drug!
Maggie from Reno

why is meth such a BIG problem here in nevada?? it was a good show but do teens realize what that drug does to people??? my mom was a drug addict and her 3 kids had to deal with her when she had her withdraws.she went to rehab and is now clean for 2 years this month. as her 16 year old daughter i did tha drug to see why she left us and i did it 4 times before i could find my own answer to why... after watching crystal darkness i am glad i watched it because i learned alot of stuff my mom never told me. crystal darkness brang me and my mom a little closer and i gained respect for her as my mom and having almost 2 years cleaned... THANK YOU KOLOTV for the documentation.
Stephanie from Sparks

I applaud your efforts to get this message out and please keep up this work. I must say, however, that the audio quality was very poor and I was unable to hear 50% of what was said due to distrotion. It sounded like the sound people weren't careful... the main thing in my perspective is that it is an excellent message tainted by poor presentation with respect to audio. Please check into that.
Ron from Gardnerville

I was very impressed with Crystal Darkness. I was a teenager in the 80's and all we had was "Just say no!" This was very straight forward and honest. I hope this does help with the problem. My son and I had no problems talking about the subject later. Thank you for that.
Ann from Reno

I thought the special about Meth was very informative. I watched the program with my children and then we discussed what they had just seen and talk about what they should do if some body offered it to them. The only problem I had with it was the sound feed was really bad. I had to turn my volume up all the way and it was still really hard to hear.
A from Reno

I thought you program was good last night. I know many kids that have gone through it all, and are still suffering from the damage that it has done to there body. I think this program should be shown in every school at every age. I know a lot of the kids did not get to watch this last night because so many of the parents just do not care.
Rene from Hawthorne

I am the proud mother of a former addict who has been clean & sober for 6 1/2 years. The addiction to meth was hard for the entire family. I always loved my child and helped in every way possible. I had my child arrested numerous times. Finally, the last time was a wake up call. I only went to visit once in 6 months. That's went it finally hit home with my child, this is what it is to be separted and to have no one around you that loved you. My child is now a wonderful person, going to college and working part time. The show was good but more concerning what it does to your body & how the meth addict looks would have been better. Like the one person said, "it was sugar-coated". Meth is a powerful drug and will wipe you off the face of the earth. Hurting not only you but your family. I also think you should have gone to rural Nevada for some interviews. It does happen in the small towns. I look forward to more shows concerning this epidemic.

I think the show previewing the Meth problem here in Reno, Nevada could of been so much more informative. I really think they should of showed more of the reality of what this dangerous drug does to a person... It was very poorly done from my opinion and from the opinion of other people I have spoke to. Is there any chance of it ever being aired again with the actual reality of the drug and the actual effects.. not just people being interviewed that are recovering!!! I just think as a mother of 3 teenagers that there is more than what was to the actual show.
Tracy from Reno

I agree that the program was necessary and it was great that it aired on all the local channels. However, it did not have convincing content. Only non user parents would have been convinced. The meth mouth bit was good, but where were the boils and type one staph infection. Where were the babies born to drug mothers, right afteer they were born? Where were the psyched out, rageing users? In otherwords where was the real life that I see in my immediate neighborhood everyday.
Sami from Reno

It would never happen to us, our child. We have a stable home, married 24 years, good jobs, involved with our children. Our daughter - pretty, smart with a GPA of 4.0, very active in sports and school, working part-time at 16. The changes were little at first - we talked to her and convinced ourselves it was nothing. She convinced us it was nothing... of course by then it was the drug talking, not our daughter. After five months of escalting changes, I finally found it... that little coin bag, empty except the white dust residual. Confronted, the problem is admitted. Our daughter is using meth on a regular basis. Initially we were relieved - the problem was identified, we could solve it. She enters the first rehab, we enter counseling....we enter a nightmare world. I wish it was just as easy as identify the problem and enter rehab. It is not. Your worlds will be changed forever and there is very little out there to prepare you as a parent for the difficult journey you will make if you want your child back. We got our daughter back.
Barbara from Chilcoot

it was educational yes...but as a didn't scare me...see the thing adults don't that we need a good scaring once in a while...example..when we see clean cut people..talking about how the were on meth..and they were wearing a suit...yea that just proves to us..that it's not that big of a deal and we can just overcome it real easy. my advice is to get people real life people that are seriously high at that point and then have them talk about more affects of what meth does to you.more information,then i think us teens will have a good understanding about all of it.
Camille from Reno

I used to be a meth abuser. I thought your documentary was very well-done and the most appealing story was from Tennille! My heart went out to her the most as I could relate to almost everything she had been through. Thank you all for helping to bring to light this very disturbing epidemic!
Angie from Fernley

I thought the documentry didn't live up to it's full potential, all I saw were a bunch of healthy looking people basically saying "just say no". I would have liked to have been shown the truth of this addiction. I have lost so many friends to this drug. My old friends haves used meth every day for years, their hair is dull and stringy,their skin is waxy and broken out with horrible little sores that they keep picking at, nails were yellow and they are underweight. Why didn't I see that on the "documentry"? How about showing the mothers that have given up their beautiful children for meth and shacked up with their dealers? Why sugar coat this epidemic? We need to show our youth what a nightmare this drug is. I completly agree with the comment above, NO MORE FREE TREATMENT!! Don't let our children think that if they do this that we, as taxpayers will support this epidemic. No more free rides. Cut them off from civilization and let them rot for all I care. Those "friends" that I mentioned? What is left of them is a shell of what they once were, not even a glimmer of who they once were, they have all become theives, liars, whores and worthless to society. I only feel sorry for the children they left behind. Meth is so addictive that you have to choose it over your children? Anybody who would even have to ask that question to themselves, are selfish to begin with, before they even touched the drug, meth only intensifies it.
Jen from Reno