Waiting for Wood Pellets

Calls to Reno Rock looking for wood pellets s go on about every five minutes. For them these bags might as well be full of gold instead of wood pellets.

Co-owner Paul Archie says they've tried to keep customers up to date as to when pellets will be available. "W etook a waiting list of about 60-people on just from last week to this week. And uh we started making a list and called them all this morning and a lost already came in and a lot haven't so we are expecting them all to rush in soon."

Archie says they received their shipment of more than one-thousand bags of pellets this morning. And with the demand...this shipment will be gone by the end of business day.

Customer Sarah Legg says when her supplies ran low, she was in for a rude awakening. " In other words I try to keep a supply ahead for my house and then it starts to get down to a certain level its time to get more and when it came time to get more I discovered there were no more to be had."

Sarah shows us her list of places she called or actually traveled to, to get her wood burning pellets, her 15-bags she says will last her a little over a month.

Paul Archie says they aren't limiting supplies to customers. "One guy cam in here and bought one hundred bags."

Archie says he's expecting another shipment by the end of this week...other suppliers are experiencing the same limited supply and unbelieveable demand which leaves pallets empty within hours.

There is no one reason for the shortage. But News Channel 8 can dispell rumors that a pellet plant burned down late last year.

What we do know, many suppliers may not have ordered enough product in 2006 for 2007...and supplies of wood burning pellets may have gone elsewhere around the country.

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They said years ago when they built the Thermo Plants prices would go down, not. Too badthey can get away with this anytime they feel like it. As far as the wood prices go, same thing, very expensive.

I have checked online and found several plants that distribute to the west. They say they have plenty of pellets but will not sell to the public. I don't understand why our local merchants are not seeking to purchase from these companies that say they have plenty to sell and why there is a shortage in this area. I have used wood pellets as a main source of heating for over ten years and have never experienced this problem before.
Loretta from Reno

Try the Bio-Plus Natures Heat Brand all you have to do is go to Wal-Mart or Sam's club and request the orer from their vendor and they can have product in a few days. Thanks
Randy from Madison, GA