Crystal Darkness: Meth's Deadly Assault on Nevada's Youth

When it comes to methamphetamine use, Nevada holds a dubious distinction.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the state leads the nation in the number of people who have used meth in their lifetime as well as in the past year and last 30 days.

Now, community leaders are trying to fight back with the help of a 30-minute documentary, "Crystal Darkness: Meth's Deadly Assault on Nevada's Youth," to be shown at 7:30 p-m Tuesday on nearly every Reno television station.

State and local elected officials, including Governor Jim Gibbons and his wife, Dawn, have appeared in television public service announcements urging parents to watch the show with their children.

The documentary was produced by Reno advertising agency owner
Michael Reynolds with the help of donations from various sources.
The TV stations are showing it for free.

Trained counselors will man telephone lines during and after the show for those seeking help.

The show is being presented by Secret Witness and other anti-meth groups.

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Just a request. I will be unable to watch the broadcast this evening as I will be in a meeting and television sets are not available. I also do not have any way to record the broadcast at home. Do you plan to air the broadcast at a later date for those of us who are unable to watch it this evening?
L from Reno

same as L, live in an area of nevada, that doesn't have reno channels

The full program will be put on the website the morning after it airs for those of you who are unable to watch it.
John Channel 8 Website Producer

I am unable to watch the broadcast of tonights documentary and would like to know if it will be aired at a later date?
Linda in Reno

Right now there are no plans to re-air the program, although that could change. The best we can do is make the program available on our website.
John Channel 8 Website Producer

Crystal Darkness, should I tape this story and then watch it before I share it with my 8 year son?